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Copy Paste -- Speed up

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Copy Paste -- Speed up

Cachemaxfiles, and cachemaxtotalfiles speeds up copy and paste command.

pretty beefy system here and copy paste was slow af on a 14900k using clipboard annoying

default set to 256, system has 64gb ram so increased 

cachemaxfiles to 8096 = 8gb "corrected @O_Eckmann " 8Mb

cachemaxtotalsize "corrected" to 16192 = 16gb "16Mb"

think that's what its referring to GB corrected "Mb"

probably a little overkill, but its super fast at copying 5000+ objects now.

NICE! hope this helps..

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Where are you pasting? (What program or type of drawing?)

Why are you pasting and what is your expected outcome?

Please explain where and why, not not the beef under your keyboard. 


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@ChicagoLooper when using the copy ctrl-c to paste to another drawing, it was quite slow.

increasing the cachemaxfiles and cachemaxtotalfiles values has now made it faster for me to copy large quantity of data across dwg's, and also in the same drawing it seems to have speed up copy paste.


I did know about the other copy command with-in drawings which is super fast, but that doesn't help when copying to another drawing.


also work colleagues have noticed a difference.

he had 32gb ram and set his to 1024/2048

I set mine higher as I have 64gb ram and dont think AutoCAD will use it all up with 2d map work.


expected out come was faster copy paste to different drawings -- achieved.


hope that made it clear - sorry was a little excited with the previous post.

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in reply to: daboss302YMFXL

Hi @daboss302YMFXL ,


CACHEMAXFILES is number of files into cache. It isn't linked to RAM quantity.

CACHEMAXTOTALFILES doesn't exist, right name is CACHEMAXTOTALSIZE which is Mb unit


If you want to copy from one drawing to another one, instead of using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, which creates temporary DWG as export and reimport, you can organized drawing side by side and drag&drop (with right click) entities between the 2 drawings. In that case, entities are cloned into memory, instead of physical file on disk, which is much much faster.


Olivier Eckmann


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in reply to: O_Eckmann

Interesting 🤔 I'll have to try that. 


And thanks for letting me know its in Mb 👍


Tried A little Choppy draging over but wow not bad, and it has paste to original location and paste as block nice to know...  

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