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Page Setup for Batch Plotting - 2011

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Page Setup for Batch Plotting - 2011

Hi all,


I am trying to batch plot 60 .dwg files to PDF. When I do this, it slices off a piece of the title block on the right.


When I plot a single files I can set it to extents, 11x17, and center the plot, and the PDF comes up perfect.


I save this page setup and try to batch plot again, and when there is only one file on the list, my saved page setup is available in the dropdown menu. The second I add another one, my setup disappears from the list, and the import option doesn't appear to work (I choose a .dwg that my setup has been applied to and nothing happens).


Is there a trick to applying a saved page setup to an entire list of drawings in the batch plot utility?





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Try loading the entire list of dwgs you want to plot INCLUDING the file with the working setup.


In the Publish list click on the right side of the list and there will be a dropdown that will allow you to select a print setup.


Now that you know where it is, after you load all the dwgs in the publish list, select the first file, hold shif, select the last file (that you want to see that setup) and go to the file that contains the setup and do the roll down on the right side and select the setup you want.  This should apply the selected setup to all of the files in the list.


That being said, all of the dwgs should be the same paper size.  If you want to mix and match then you will need to make a dwg with the second setup you want.  You should be able to run all of these (assuming the same printer is used) just fine.








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1. In a blank drawing make a page setup you want to print with.
2. Open one of the drawings.
3. Start Publish.
4. Hit the Add Sheets button.
5. Go through all of the folders adding the drawings.
6. Shift select all of the sheets.
7. Open the page setup drop down and import the page setup you made  previously.
8. Hit Publish.

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Okay so, basically going off of drjohn's response, I was able to get this to work. Wierd thing was, I thought I had done everything axcept for the shift+select already.


This time I clicked on "Import" and my saved page setup was available. One shift+click later, I'm in business.


Thanks to both responders, I clicked on the solution button for both of you.



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Guys the onlly problem with this i am having is that when i then add all the other pages i can select the page setup as default. i can only load the page setup on the actual page i made it on


so every other page setup just has 'default' how can i give all the pages the same page setup? i tried CTRL+A and then selecting page setup but that wont work either

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in reply to: Anonymous

Reread both tagged solution replies and follow one or the other closely: looks like you are skipping a step or two in PUBLISH command.
Also realize neither response is talking about PAGESETUP command.
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I was having the same error trying to batch plot some electrical files - I went and deleted my second layout tabs that hadn't been used yet and I was able to batch plot. 

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The other solutions only solved part of my problem, but I've found the fix...



Same situation but on a Mac (assuming OP is on Windows), the the default printer is only the actual printer; since Mac has built in PDF conversion without the need of other software like Adobe or Ghostscript.



For the publish process, I did the same thing as the proposed solutions, but I still have inaccurate margins. The borders are not centred, at least the way I setup. I found that the default paper size from the list has an embedded margin that I cannot remove. So I created a custom paper size with custom zero margins. Viola!

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I was having my title blocks cropped on the right too. Autocad LT for Mac 2018. none of the replies given so far worked for me but I finally noticed that the page setup wasn't using the paper size I had created, it was using a default "US Letter". I updated the page setup to use the page I created with the appropriate margins and then it did not crop my title block. edit Paper size: Edit, Page Setup Manager, click once on the page setup you are using for all your sheets, click little gear drop down box and choose Edit - 'Page Setup Edit' window opens. Paper Size: choose your custom paper size. mine was choosing "US Letter". now it doesn't crop! finally! (you may have to create your own paper size if you haven't done that yet.)

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