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Some of the text and dimension of clipped xref print bolder

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Some of the text and dimension of clipped xref print bolder

I have issue with the xref files.

In our office we work in multiple ways. Some work in layout and some directly on model space.

But we all set a Sheet file where all the files are xref-ed to one file and plotted in sheet template. This is either set in model space or layout.

When the drawings are xref-ed to model space and set in layout out there is no issue while printing directly to the printer.

But when the drawings are set directly in model space by scaling down the drawing to fit the sheet template some of the text and dimensions mainly the text rotated vertically, and y axis dimension print bolder compared to the other text and dimensions. I happen only when plotted directly to the printer and it doesn't happen when plotted to pdf and then printed.

Do you anyone knows why that's happening?

I'm assuming it's a FLATTEN or elevation problem, but I have tried flattening using scripts and flattening manually by moving the affected dimensions and text from 0,0,0 to 0,0,-1e99 and getting back to 0,0,1e99 but this doesn't help.

I'm using AutoCAD 2024 LT version.

I have attached the screen shot where the vertical dimensions are bolder than the horizontal ones



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in reply to: merlinAVB44

I assume those vertical dimensions don't look bolder on the screen.

And since the problem only occurs when you print directly to your printer, then it has to do with a setting or lack of control setting in the print driver.

Obvious solution is to why mix and match. Just setup the standard to always use layout and avoid scaling down the xref drawing in model. Since you can see the problem, you know exactly who's not following the standard.

Paul Li
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@The Office
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in reply to: paullimapa

Thank you, @paullimapafor your response. 

1. It's happening to multiple PCs and multiple projects in our office.

2. This happening recently (couple of months on an off) and this was not happening before. Not any I'm aware of in this last couple of years.

3. I'm not authorized to change the standards in the office. 

4. The text difference can be seen in plot preview between the same xref file where one is scaled down and other is not scaled down in model space.

5. I am trying to fix this issue because when we take over some project from another person or older project done by ex- employees it's time consuming to change the whole project to a new format (eg. layouts) or to keep remembering which project creates this issue so we have to make an extra step of making a pdf before printing. 

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in reply to: merlinAVB44

Well, obviously plot preview will show because it's again related to the plot device you're using.

As you stated, this does not happen when you use the pdf plot device.

The way to troubleshoot has to do with the printer driver. I'm not sure if you're using a Windows Print device or one specifically designed within AutoCAD. The problem could also be caused by working in one version of AutoCAD to now a newer version since the way different AutoCAD versions communicate with your printer/plotter changes.

The quick answer is to always print to pdf and then send that to your printer.

Otherwise, your troubleshooting of installing different printer drivers begins.


Paul Li
IT Specialist
@The Office
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in reply to: merlinAVB44

@merlinAVB44 wrote:

... and it doesn't happen when plotted to pdf and then printed.

That's going to have to be your workaround for now until you test other drivers and driver settings for your printer/plotter. Sorry.


Here are ways to open a support case with Autodesk if you are on subscription to seek out Autodesk Support's help if you all still want to try and only fix it from inside AutoCAD somehow:,Contact%20support,-S... 

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in reply to: pendean

Thank you @pendean for your response and help.

I will look into the link provided.

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in reply to: merlinAVB44

my doubt is why does the text style changes when the xref is scaled and when the xref is not scaled?

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