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Saving To SharePoint

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Saving To SharePoint



I've created a document library within SharePoint with some MetaData columns added. I've also enabled versioning for Minor & Major versions. I can upload to SharePoint fine, the problem occurs when trying to modify an already existing item. If I follow the steps below then the MetaData is deleted as the DWG is moved the recycle bin and a new version uploaded. The AutoCAD version is LT 2015.



1) Check out drawing

2) Open drawing

3) Modify Drawing and Save

4) Close AutoCAD and refresh page. MetaData will now be deleted.


Is there anyway to disable this functionality so that it just overwrites the drawing instead of deleting & re-saving.


Thank you,


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Not in Acad using OOTB tools, and with LT customization is not supported to a usable extent.


You'll have to take this problem up with the sharepoint support people.


*FYI - it may help figure out how sharepoint has to be modified if you understand how acad saves drawings normally.


when a drawing is saved,  Acad saves it to the drawing location as a temporary file, then attempts to rename the original .dwg file to .bak (overwriting an existing .bak if there is one), and then renames the temporary file to the original .dwg file name and extension.





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You need full AutoCAD, not LT, and an add-on similar to this one for smoother Sharepoint functionality:

Otherwise you will probably have to get into the habit of "checking out" a file, working on it, then "checking it back in" when you are done editing.
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I guess you need to disable AutoCAD backups in 'Options' -> 'Open and Save' tab. Uncheck the 'Create backup copy with each save' check-box.

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