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Quick Properties not showing all information

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Quick Properties not showing all information

I recently switched from using A360 to another cloud based file sharing system, pCloud, to share AutoCAD settings between AutoCAD at work and at home.  Soon after this, I noticed Quick Properties was not showing all of the information in pop up box, and later would show blank space below as if it had a set size of 22 lines.  I also uninstalled A360 thinking it would speed up my laptop.  Seeing that the two of these were done in the same day and an AutoCAD article "Properties palette does not show selection and is blank in AutoCAD" seemed to indicated uninstalling A360 could result in a problem with the properties palette,  I reinstalled AutoCAD to no avail, and then preformed a uninstall and reinstalled a clean version.


The problem still persists.  Please help.


Also, is there a way possible to back up the quick properties settings for which information is shown?

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Log into your computer as a new user with local admin rights and test it: still blank?
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I noticed that the quick properties work normally until a drawing is saved.  After the save, quick properties in that instance of AutoCAD doesn't correctly.

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We have never seen that problem over here in our office: what exact version of AutoCAD are you using? Start ABOUT command and type exactly what is shown here.
Also, what is your Windows version? Or are you on a MAC?
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I logged in as another user and the problem is not there.  How would I correct this?


AutoCAD 2018 1.1

Windows 7 on

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Ask your IT for help: there is something corrupt with your previous log-in or a conflict with an app running there.
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As it turns out, the problem was in the online file program.  I changed a setting to stop updating the file icon status and problem hasn't occurred.

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I'm having a similar problem - the QP box won't show all the info that I've applied when customizing. i've tried adding lines to the minimum info option, which didn't help. QP did work properly for me in the past. Can you give instructions of how to troubleshoot with the PC? What should i be looking for?


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Sorry, but my problem wasn't related to AutoCAD.
I would try using the backup CUIx file.

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