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Isometric Rotation

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Isometric Rotation

Good day everyone,

Is there a way to rotate an isometric drawing horizontally instead of in a circle? Or is this only done via 3D CAD?


Thanks for your time,


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in reply to: ktnalive

Some clarifaction is requires when you ask " rotate an isometric drawing horizontally instead of in a circle".


Do you have  a 2D isomemtric drawing that lies on the XY plane and you wish to rotate it about a horizotal axis (e.g., the x  axis)? Do you want to rotate the geometry with respect to the world or do you want to rotate the view?


Try rotate3d if you want to rotate the geometry and specify about the x axis.

Try 3dforbit if you just  want to change your 3d view.

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in reply to: ktnalive

I am drawing a 2D orthographic top view of a 45-degree pipe attachment in an isometric view. I can get the pipe drawn on the right side of the isometric, but cannot get the left side 45 degrees away pointing away from the right view.

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in reply to: ktnalive

I suspect you want to MIRROR (left to right, up to down etc.), not ROTATE (aka spinning around an axis): two separate functions. Is that correct @ktnalive ?

FYI: 2D drafting in CAD is still not 3D, not sure any 3D tools are going to help, but we can't really see your drawing, can you share it here?
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in reply to: ktnalive

here it is

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in reply to: ktnalive

@ktnalive ,


Make sure to turn your ISODRAFT Off before using the MIRROR command.




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Emilio Valentin
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in reply to: Valentin-WSP

I love your idea, yet the look is 90° and that one was easy once I got it figured out. Thanks though.

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in reply to: ktnalive

I figured out the answer, Emilio Valentin suggested that I leave the isometric mode, which I did. Once I was out I used Polar Tracking to rotate the end piece of the pipe to 45°, used a Radius of 232.2 and created 2 circles off my endpoints to find my centre point. Here, I drew the final 232.2 Radius (x2) and trimmed the excess lines. Done!!


Thanks, everyone for your help it was much appreciated!


45 deg pipe.jpg

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