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How do I star drawing from the edge of the line after thickenning it

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How do I star drawing from the edge of the line after thickenning it


so I change a line thickness but after wanting to start drawing the start point is the middle  of the line. Can I somehow change so it on the enge? (meaning if I drew a 1mx1m square with thickness of 2cm and draw a line from one line centre to the other the line is gonna be 1m when it should be 96cm) Hope I explained well enough. 

Thank you

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If you want your lines to snap and connect... I think the answer is no.  

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Careful of your terminology....  I assume you mean a Polyline, with width, not a Line, which can't have width.  Thickness  has a specific, and different, meaning in AutoCAD, and is in the Z direction, that is, up off the page.  And the property similar to width that a Line [and various other object types] can have for some viewing and plotting purposes is called lineweight.


It's true, you can't Object-Snap to the edges of a wide Polyline.  If it helps, you can convert one that's of global width to two Polylines of zero width that trace the edges of the original, with PLWto2.lsp, available >here<, and other similar routines out there for the Searching.  Then you can Osnap to those.  See also the related routine at Message 13 on that same thread, which will make an outline  of an open-ended Polyline, i.e. close the ends between the edge-tracing ones.


If you're actually talking about lineweight, I don't know of any way to "latch on" to the edges of that, but if you are set up to display that, its relationship to the geometry varies with Zoom level, which is why I assume you mean Polyline width.

Kent Cooper, AIA

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