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House plan layout reduction

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House plan layout reduction

I have a house design of 3000 sqft using AutoCAD Ver 10.  I want to reduce it to 2800 or 2500 sqft. 


How do I reduce the entire house plan layout from 3000 sqft to 2500 sqft? or how do I reduce the whole house plan layout from 100% to 80% or 70%, and work on the reduced layout. 

I am using the plan layout but, this can be Floor trusses plan or Roof plan layout.


I greatly appreciate your inputs on my real question. If you could itemize what to first, second and so on would be a big help.

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Hmmmmmm, you need to 'pinch' square footage here and there, and then there and here, until the total 'pinched' amount is 5,000 square feet (3,000SF-5,000SF=2,500SF). Yes, you could select all Cad objects and simply perform SCALE command (use 0,0 as base point and for scale factor enter 2500/3000 on command line) but doing this would be inappropriate.


Yes, the total sq. footage would reduce by 16.7% and drop the floor plan to 2,500 SF of living space, but doing so would reduce everything by 16.7%. Ceiling height, counter top height, counter surface area, tubs, showers, the garage and one of the most important things, doorway widths.


Sorry, but this issue is not an AutoCAD how-to issue. It's a planning issue, just like the real world, where you have to decrease floor space in order to mitigate expenses due to burning up the construction budget on unforeseen contingencies.

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>> How do I reduce the entire house plan layout from 3000 sqft to 2500 sqft? <<

The answer is by using SCALE command . BUT you have to know that this is a big mistake and you're starting a  forbidden procedure !!! please don't ever and never do it or even think about . you're talking about design spaces and respectful distances NOT only total area . if you want to reduce the area you have to redesign your plan and redraw it to serve and meet your needs . 



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in reply to: seraz

Scale will do it but it will mess the drawing up like suggested. Your doors opening will all be the wrong size, etc...


You could use the stretch command to make the plan not as wide and tall if you could use it in a wall that wouldn't affect any doors or windows. You'd need to do some math to figure out how much to stretch. 


Other than that there is no magic command that will just shrink rooms but keep other geometry the correct size. You probably will need to redraw at least a portion of the floor plan.

Nick DiPietro
Cad Manager/Monkey

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I have to say it is definitely inappropriate  to use SCALE. Houses usually are designed at a certain building module. Simply scaling will ruin it.

You can consider reducing the width of the room, or even deleting a room.

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By far, the most sophisticated and powerful drawing application is AutoCAD. There are several methods to reach your objective, as well as multiple ways to do so fast. For example, you may lower all dimensions by 20%, 40%, or 50% and snap to the reduced dimensions. You may also cut all metrics by 5%, 10%, or 20% and "knock out" the measurements you don't need. You may also get in touch with the people at They are the top professionals in this field. Thus they will handle your strategy.

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