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Help Needed! When plotting to PDF my file size is HUGE...

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Help Needed! When plotting to PDF my file size is HUGE...

Hi Guys... As the subject states - When plotting to PDF my file size is HUGE... I have done everything suggested - copy /  pasted the drawing into a new file / purged / audit - all in the attempt to 'fix' a corrupted drawing - but nothing makes any difference... Is there a way to flatten the PDF before plotting? If my ctb file / layers are corrupted - how can I fix this - without having to create a completely new ctb file? Any suggestions you can offer would be greatly appreciated as we cannot print any of my drawings and my boss is going mental.... Thanks / Victoria 

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Use the below provided settings and see, if that makes any difference.




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Thank you for responding S.Faris

Slight difference - from 312MB to 237MB - so doesn't help much in the grand scheme... 

The drawing shouldn't be this large... Its 20,000 SqM of space but I only have 3x Tabs / pages created so far and not half as many layers as we usually have (no M&E drawn yet) Si I am still in really trouble... 

I'd say the file is definitely corrupted 😞 

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If possible, attach the problem file.

Please select the Accept as Solution button if my post solves your issue or answers your question.
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Hi alex101000 

Am I able to send to your email address - instead of on here?



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in reply to: victoriaYZJNN

Post screenshots of the contents of all three tabs, plus your PLOT dialog pop-up an your PDF settings pop-up please.

"shouldn't" doesn't tel us anything about what is going on.


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A test.

Start a blank new file.
INSERT this problem file in it and EXPLODE. SAVEAS and call it something. Create a layout with the parameters you need quickly (not titleblock) and test plot to PDF. Still huge/large? If yes, your file's content is the issue. If no, you need to fix your problem file or start using this one.

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My guess:

It could be the hatches, if there are some with inappropriate scaling.


Hatches are exploded in plotted PDFs. There are only the lines instead of the outline and style-information in the PDF. If a scale of a hatch is tiny, the amounts of lines add up enormously - resulting in huge files (Every line has now the start- and endpoint in this file). It adds up more if there are dashed lines or complex hatches like gravel.

(The change of the file size with change of the DPI supports my theory)


To test this you could:

  1. make a copy of the dwg and use the copy for testing
  2. (if there are hatches inside a block)
    QUICKSELECT all blocks (/inserts) and EXPLODE them, repeat if the blocks were nested, until no block remains.
  3. QUICKSELECT all hatches and DELETE them
  4. plot again


If the new PDF has a normal size, you can start to look for ”bad” hatches in the original.

P.S. i never had problems plotting PDFs with 1200 DPI.

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in reply to: victoriaYZJNN

Unless I am missing something, your actual pdf file size is less than 6MB. It is the size of the plot file being sent to your (physical) Brother printer that is 278MB, not really excessive at all unless you have a bottleneck or speed block somewhere in your network, or an available memory issue on the printer. I would check the printer memory, then network cables, switches, access points, etc. between your PC and the printer. Maybe try updating the driver you have installed for the printer. Also check your Windows error logs for any print spooler errors. I have had plot files in the neighborhood of 1GB go through and print. Slow exiting the print queue & processing on the printer itself, yes, but still go.....Can you print to this printer directly from AutoCAD or other applications?

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HAHAHA...... You are awesome man Smiley LOL Smiley LOL Smiley LOL 

Nobody noticed it(or is it only me Smiley Surprised), Including me Robot Indifferent


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We all miss "snakes" right in front of us, as long as none are fatally venomous, put a band-aid on the bite & move on!

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