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Forgot the command to unite before the extrusion

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Forgot the command to unite before the extrusion

I'm sure there's a command that allows you to unite all separate lines before the extrusion so it can be extruded perfectly, is not the JOIN command because I have a part with a outer wall and a inner wall and I know that with this command I can select the surface and it will automatically close the figure. If anyone can help me with the command it would be really appreaciated!!

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Rather than Extrusion, have you tried PRESSPULL?  It doesn't require the bounding things to be joined together in any way.  I made this with a Circle for the inner "wall" and five independent Lines for the outer one [red].


And the bounding objects don't even need to meet at their ends, as things would need to for Joining.  It can work with any bounded area, even if the bounding objects extend beyond:



Kent Cooper, AIA
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Yes, there is an OSL command from the AVC Outside Loop plugin that does much more work than a regular JOIN. This program was specially developed to quickly obtain optimized contours for further extrusion and obtain solids with a minimum number of faces.

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It must be BOUNDARY that can produce polylines or regions (the only 100% guaranted for extrusions)

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