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Drawing Recovery Manager no showing .sv$ files

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Drawing Recovery Manager no showing .sv$ files

I've encountered something very disturbing.  AutoCAD 2018 crashed this morning.  Upon restarting AC the drawing recovery manager presents itself.  I review the file it has for me to determine which file it has on hand that may contain the most current graphics.  The only files showing up were the original .dwg file and the .bak file.  Understanding from experience that the most current file will be listed first among the files it has on hand to offer, which show up under the drawing file name.  typically .sv$, .dwg, .bak.

There was no .sv$ in my options, 

being so early in the morning I figured cad didnt have time to save a .sv$ file.

So I click on the top of the list file which is .dwg, open the file and disappointed due to the graphics I am seeing lost.

when I visit the location I have specified for autosave files, there was a .sv$ waiting there.  With more current graphics.


thats spooky folks.  I now dont trust DwgRecovery manager.


Anyone else encounter this or have some insight of what I may have possibly done wrong?

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>> I now dont trust DwgRecovery manager.

If there does not exist a SV$ file that is not the failure of the drawing recovery manager, because that tool can only show file that exits.

As you wrote that SV$ was not created because it had not enough time to start autosave I would more expect that the drawing recovery manager might find a *recover.dwg file that get's (sometimes, not always) created after a crash. Because if that file can be repaired it is newer by default than the SV$ file.


>> I now dont trust [...]

I only trust _QSAVE or a save tool I did for myself that saveas the drawing to a new file-name (with in counter in the filename).


- alfred -

Ingenieur Studio HOLLAUS ... ... ... CDay 2024
(not an Autodesk consultant)
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Hey Alfred, thank you for the reply.  I'm in agreement with your statement regarding the Drawing Recovery Manager (DRM)  not being responsible for creating or not creating sv$ files, but only to report them if they exist.

That is my dilemma, seemingly the sv$ file DID exist and the DRM didn't report it.  not sure if it didnt see it or if it just didn't report it.

all I know is that when i opened the .dwg file it was glaringly obvious the significant graphics lost.  Disappointed in that I immediately went in search of the sv$ file and found it.  Up to date graphics and all.

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From help...


Note: Unsaved drawings that are open at the time of an unexpected failure are not tracked by the Drawing Recovery Manager. Be sure to save your work after you begin, and regularly thereafter.


Not sure if this would apply to your situation or not.

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"Unsaved drawings" meaning one not physically hitting the save button or does this also include autosave type of  saving?

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From the way that it is worded, I take it to mean that you have to do a physical save in order for it to start tracking the drawing.

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>> seemingly the sv$ file DID exist and the DRM didn't report it

That is really strange, are you sure that this SV$-file was not created with a previous crash? ... or was it valid for opening?

But to be honest, I don't use the recovery manager that often and I have not verified yet, if it does not show a valid/existing SV$-file.


>> "Unsaved drawings" meaning one not physically hitting the save button

Unsaved means drawings that have not got a file-name, so when you create a new drawing and you never used _SAVE or _SAVEAS. As long as the file does not have a name the autosave can't create a valid filename for the SV$-file.


- alfred -

Ingenieur Studio HOLLAUS ... ... ... CDay 2024
(not an Autodesk consultant)
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in reply to: Alfred.NESWADBA

I can confirm the same symptom -- Drawing Recovery Manager never lists my autosave file after a crash, and I have to find it myself. This is counter to their documentation (link), which says the autosave will be listed in DRM. This makes DRM a useless annoyance other than to remind you what you had open.


Incidentally, if you don't rename the autosave file before re-opening the original drawing, the autosave you need may disappear entirely (replaced with a new autosave).

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in reply to: TorgEng

Can confirm on AutoCAD 2019.

  • AutoCAD crashes.
  • I reopen AutoCAD.
  • Drawing Recovery Manager don't launch, so I fire the DRAWINGRECOVERY command.
  • DRM window says "No back up files"


The .sv$ is in fact located in default autosave (C:\temp) folder.


Drawings opened after the crash does show up in the DRM window.



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in reply to: ParishSouthBdx


My first question would be what is your Auto-save duration? If the interval is too long and a crash happens before the next interval for the auto-save, you may end up losing your work.

The other probable reason would be as mentioned above by @sthompson1021 if you don't give a name to a drawing having starting from a new bank drawings.

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in reply to: ian.mag

Auto-save Duration was set to 3 min.


The sv$ DOES exist, and I can rename it and open it fine. Just the DRM refusing to show anything after the crash.


I've used AutoCAD and the DRM feature for over 10 years, I'm fairly confident in how it's supposed to work. Today was the first time I experienced this.

The drawing was a big one and not new.

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in reply to: deehawk

Hey @deehawk 


Ive actually seen the DRM misbehave a times, in that the recover file is present in my drive my absent in the DRM. I noticed such cases is when a FATAL ERROR occurs in AutoCAD but before it crashes prompts to save changes to the existing drawings. The file in the drive normally doesn't have the .sv$ but _recover suffix to the drawing name. I don't know whether this is what you experienced?

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in reply to: ian.mag

It was in fact what happened. However there was no _recover file. (I use those as well once in a while)

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in reply to: deehawk

Then I guess you saved the file after an autosave interval, but before the next autosave interval is when the crash happened. That way the primary drawing was the most recent saved (by the user) and not by autosave.


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in reply to: ian.mag

The original file was not saved since yesterday.

The sv$ file had all the new information that was made today. (since it autosaves every 3 minutes)

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in reply to: deehawk

In my experience, this is true only for the first file opened with
AutoCAD. If a dwg is opened, and with that open AutoCAD frame more dwgs
are opened, it is the first file only that gets the attention for
autosave. I could be wrong and I replied on the fly, and this could have
changed . but it is my past experience.

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