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Cad 2011 and WIndows 10 Update

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Cad 2011 and WIndows 10 Update

Version: AutoCad 2011
Platform: Windows 10 Home 64-Bit
Intel Core i5 @3ghz16 GB of Ram

As we have seen in multiple posts, the Windows 10, Version 1709 Update messes with AutoCad.
For me, after the update when I open Cad it takes me back to the "License/Register" product dialog. And when I input the license information it closes Cad and after that every time I try and open it, Cad goes away, doesn't open just closes.
I've tried almost every solution from reverting to a previous windows version to veruninstalling the C++ libraries. Nothing seems to work.
In the end, my only solution is to completely re-install windows (which means re-installing all my drivers and other programs including Cad.) I have had to do this three times now since I cannot turn off Windows Automatic Update.

I just recently did a re-install, so my next one will probably be in a few weeks when Windows updates automatically. So any solutions you might have I will not try till then, but I'm happy to try any solution anyone has!
If nothing else, I am hoping this spurs enough commentary that AutoDesk has a discussion with Windows and the next update fixes the issue of the 1709 update.



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in reply to: DP-Mike

Your version of AutoCAD is not supported in Win10 as explained here
What that means is the following: if it used to work and now does not, or if you are trying to install it but you cannot get it to install, or any other related issue that involves your older AutoCAD version and Windows10, Autodesk will in no way shape or form ever get involved in finding out why and will never plan on issuing any fixes.

This was recently posted, it may shed some light on your issue

See this too

This other tip was posted by a user in these forums and it may help too

For most users these free tips help a lot

For others they roll back to an older Windows OS and hang on tight to it for life.

For others still they purchase a fix from these folks

As far as Autodesk is concerned, you will need to subscribe to a newer version of AutoCAD.

Hope these help.

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