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Is it possible to have a parent block take on the FAMILY prefix of the selected component in its tag name?

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Is it possible to have a parent block take on the FAMILY prefix of the selected component in its tag name?



First post here after years of browsing/lurking. I'm wondering if there is a way to create a Generic Parent block in ACADE that dynamically uses the catalog Category of the selected part (FU for fuses, CB for breakers, etc) as its tag prefix.


For some background, our electricians like a bubble on the schematic sheets that shows the item number of the component. We generally use a child block for this. However, in scenarios like fuses & fuse holders where Multiple Catalog would be used, I don't know of a way to use a child block to display the item number of the Multiple Catalog components. We created a bubble parent block to display those item numbers instead of using Multiple Catalog, but the generic block tag starts with the 'DV' prefix which makes searching for those components difficult in reports etc.


I've tried creating the block with the TAG1/FAMILY entries left blank in the hopes that it would adopt the catalog family as its own, but no luck. I know I can go in and change the Component Tag from DVxxxx to FUxxxx after placing the part, but a retag will overwrite that (don't want to use Fixed Tags in case of moving the component). I could also create separate blocks for each family we use them for, but I'd rather have a way to automate it if possible.


If this isn't possible, as another solution is there a way to select components that are in the Multiple Catalog as a Parent from a Child block?



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hi dear @iwouldratherbegolfing 

i don't know i understood what you mean ,

but i have Solutions for some problems you had :

First : About Tagging Component

about tagging component , you define a Structure for Tagging with Going to Project or Drawing Properties and on TAB Component you define Structure Like %F .%N (I Attached in Image 1)

but what is that %F ??? is that family code? what autocad does after defining this Structure? 

i must say Autocad Electrical Doesnt Recognize %F as JUST Family Code for tagging Component !!

there is a thing as "TAG1 Default" , when you build a Symbol  you can define a default for TAG1 , and Autocad Electrical Prefers This TAG1 Default to Family code for %F .

lets give you an Example :

for IEC60617 (i use it all time) i put a Single Fuse , as you know Fuse Family Code is "FU" so with predefined Tagging Structure %F  .%N you Expect tagging Something Like :  FU . 02 but it won't happen!! and show you FC . 02  why? because its TAG1 Default is "FC"  you can see it by Exploding Symbol and double Clicking on TAG1 Attribute (Attached in Image 2)

So AE have Some Priority for %F . %N and  1) TAG1 Default 2)Family Code

how to Solve this Problem??

you have Some Options :

1) Go to Symbol Builder and Edit that Symbol  and delete TAG1 default OR change to what you want

2)go to Using File Wd_FAM.DAT to change %F to EVERYTHING you want for example you want define a tag like HJ.01 for all fuses in your Project , you can easily do it by WD_FAM.DAT

i use both ways in my projects .

another way to define a Customize Tagging is Using "Tag Format Family override" , you can access this with opening Insert/Edit Component > Option and Define Prefix or Suffix for your tag for Example you want define prefix KL for all fuse tags like  KL %F . %N .

another thing about your problem is using RETAG Component !!! if you want an Unfix Component tag if you change tag manually after retagging , Autocad Electrical Change tag to Predefined Structure !! So this is why you couldn't have you Custom Tag!

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Second  :About Multiple Catalog and Item Number

for defining Separate item number for Multiple Catalog , you must go to Project Properties > Component Tab> Item Numbering and Activate Second Option (Attached in Image 3)

and then you can have Separate Item Number for Multiple Catalog (Image 4) and have 2 Balloon! (Image 5)

You have So much Options to Work with Multiple Catalog and i cant Explain in this Chat , go to link i mentioned bellow and see what options you have.


with best wishes


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