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how to use the AEREVISELADDER dialog box "redo" button's function in a script?

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how to use the AEREVISELADDER dialog box "redo" button's function in a script?



I'm looking for some help in creating a script to "redo" all of the ladders in my project. this is because i changed the size of the RUNG FIRST and did a project wide update, but cannot get the "dumb" ladder references to take that same text size without manually doing the "redo" button in the ladder dialog box. I want to put it in a simple script and then run the script project-wide. is this possible? I check the command line, after doing so manually, but didnt see a command that autocad used itself. 

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you should be able to copy one of the scripts and save it to somewhere else with new name. Then modify it by just adding command AEREVISELADDER. Make sure you backup your drawings first or test on the demo projects/drawings.   

Ramesh Kambang
Aerospace System/Design Engineer and eVTOL/EWIS Expert
EASA 21J, UK 21J, MAA DAOS, Certification Specification CS23-29, CS-ANCS, CS-STAN and EVTOL
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