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Latest Update (V4.0.31) Causing Gridlines to Misalign (Previously Were Lined-Up)

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02-06-2017 09:13 AM

I am working actively with a layout engineer in the field, providing him 3D DWGs that include 2D gridlines, as well. One file is formatted for SCS900 scaling/functionality and the other one (identical model/linework information) is formatted for FieldLink scaling/functionality (12x larger/scaled).


Prior to the update, both files were functioning correctly. After the latest update, the gridlines in the SCS900 3D DWG aligned with their respective columns, etc. but the gridlines in the FieldLink (12x scale) 3D DWG now have shifted in the X and Y directions about roughly an inch and do not align with their respective columns. Both files have been exploded down to contain no blocks and only contain linework (no actual 3D objects, 2D faces, etc.); they were exploded this way to work effectively/correctly in both platforms (not part of the issue; just additional infromation in case it helps).


I did some troubleshooting my end to no avail; re-installing the app, re-downloading the files, etc. No matter what we've tried, the FieldLink-sized file's gridlines are now all of a sudden slightly off when viewing it in AutoCAD 360 iPad app. However, when viewing it in AutoCAD on the desktop (all files; SCS900 and FieldLink), the gridlines are correctly located (in addition to the SCS900-sized files showing up correctly in the AutoCAD 360 iPad app, as mentioned).


So...I've ultimately come to this conclusion and it's not "an answer" or a work-around: for some reason, the 12x scale/size of the FieldLInk 3D DWG is causing some glitch within AutoCAD 360's iPad app/viewer where the gridline linework is not being correctly translated/identified/located.


Any help that anyone has would be greatly appreciated! I am definitely in need of Autodesk assistance/investigation on this; right now, I'm assuming (hopefully incorrectly) that no one else has ran into this particular issue (yet) and/or no one has a solution/work-around to it. The reason for this assumption is that the update only came out a couple weeks ago and because this is such a weird one-off issue my layout engineer and I are experiencing.

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Re: Latest Update (V4.0.31) Causing Gridlines to Misalign (Previously Were Lined

02-27-2017 04:20 AM in reply to: rtpearcy

Hi @rtpearcy,


Would you please contact us directly ( with some screenshots of the Grid lines that seem to be shifted?

If you'd like, please share with us the file'a name as well so we could examine it here.





Tirza Ben-Ner
AutoCAD 360 Support Specialist
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