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Downloading of dwg. File

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03-07-2017 09:11 AM
Please help me how to download my drawing from A360 client login to my phone will fail everytime i will click download

Re: Downloading of dwg. File

03-07-2017 05:37 PM in reply to: lornanchrisengie

First, please confirm which app you're using, AutoCAD 360 or Autodesk A360.


If you're using AutoCAD 360, then:

1. How did you get this file uploaded to AutoCAD 360?

2. Did you ever made any change to this file?

3. What did AutoCAD 360 say when it failed to download? Screenshot would be helpful.



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Re: Downloading of dwg. File

03-08-2017 06:01 AM in reply to: lornanchrisengie
A360 is this

AutoCAD360 is this

Which one are you using exactly?

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