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Design Feed Offline

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02-14-2017 01:55 PM



When i'm using my design feed offline, I begin by downloading the file to my mobile device. I then proceed to markup my drawing and tag the drawing with photos and text notes via the design feed feature. So far so good... Then, I attempt to sync the drawing and either the drawing syncs with the existing file and overwrites any changes I made while offline, or the design feed fails to appear altogether but the markups remain. What could be causing this?


I would like to know how I can backup my design feed comments or export them prior to syncing to the cloud as well. 



Thank you for your help.

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Re: Design Feed Offline

02-27-2017 04:00 AM in reply to: fbM2PCC

Hi @fbM2PCC,


What platform are you using?

Is your file stored in an external storage folder?


There're some known Design Feed offline syncing issues right now. We'd be still happy to examine your drawing. Please contact us directly at, with your file name and username. 



Tirza Ben-Ner
AutoCAD 360 Support Specialist
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Re: Design Feed Offline

02-27-2017 06:10 AM in reply to: tirza.ben-ner

I'm using an Apple iPad Pro (the newest version) along with fully updated AutoCAD 360 and A360. I was still using the trial version of Pro at the time but this has since expired. What are the issues you're aware of at this time, and how can I get around them? 


I begin by placing the drawing in A360. Then, I access it on my mobile device via AutoCAD 360. Next, I "download to offline". I continue to the site and make all of my annotations and design feed comments. Finally, i return to the office and attempt to sync the file to the A360 cloud. After I sync the file nothing appears in the design feed panel.


Does the mobile version function consistently when connected to wifi or data continuously?

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Re: Design Feed Offline

02-27-2017 06:14 AM in reply to: fbM2PCC
A360 access from AutoCAD360 has issues: I suggest you post files to AutoCAD360 to work on them, then manually get them from AutoCAD360 when you are back in the office AFTER to sync them.

Skip using A360 right now with AutoCAD360, the connection between the two is broken.

Dean Saadallah
AutoCAD, LT and Architecture User
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Re: Design Feed Offline

02-27-2017 06:31 AM in reply to: pendean

Thank you for the help. Could you clarify the process that you are recommending? Specifically the posting and retrieval from my tablet?


Also, will I be able to view these drawings through my browser alone or are there ways to export the design feed data to be visible in my AutoCAD LT files?


Thanks again,


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Re: Design Feed Offline

02-27-2017 06:46 AM in reply to: fbM2PCC

The browser version of AutoCAD 360 also does not have the design feed tool. Is there a way for me to download the design feed (both comments and pictures) for later viewing or distribution to my team?

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Re: Design Feed Offline

02-27-2017 01:15 PM in reply to: fbM2PCC
Shows all autcad command
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Re: Design Feed Offline

02-28-2017 04:57 AM in reply to: fbM2PCC
Upload your DWG files directly to AutoCAD360

Skip storing files in A360 if you need to use AutoCAD360.

Browser access is limited: you need to be using the dedicated apps for the supported Operating Systems (iOS, Android and Win10) to get full access to the features of AutoCAD360

Tips on using DesignFeed in AutoCAD360 are here

Dean Saadallah
AutoCAD, LT and Architecture User
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