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Servicenow integration with SAP

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Servicenow integration with SAP

I’m a new ServiceNow Administrator/Developer and a client ask me to develop a solution to integrate the ServiceNow data with SAP or vice versa.

And I have the following concerns:

  1. How can I get an instance in SAP to develop on it and start with the API integration?

  2. ServiceNow is a cloud base service and I think that the SAP it’s a desktop software and it start to integrate it on the cloud, right?

  3. I'm thinking of use the REST API of ServiceNow to send and receive the data, it’s there any other workaround just to be aware?

Note: I'm not an expert a just been in ServiceNow for like 3 months so if you have any tip that could help me in the future I will be grateful to hear it.

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