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General state of MAXtoA GPU

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General state of MAXtoA GPU

Possibly somebody can help me here. How production ready is really MAXtoA GPU? 

I have no meaningful experience with Arnold. Few weeks of messing with MAXtoA GPU, just to evaluate it as a tool to replace VRay GPU (I been using that for some years now, and VRay since 1.5). So far pretty mixed feelings - it's great when it works but when it fails it fails hard, I mean freeze or instant crash instead of a feature just not working as expected. I can not control cameras with Custom Atributes (freeze), motion blur sometimes stops rendering after using ActiveShade, PFlow scattering with Procedural worked once and then never again - small thing like that.

Am I just unlucky or this is pretty much how thing are now on GPU side of Arnold?
And also - is MtoA GPU any better?

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I fear thats how it is for now. But they work on a new optix implementation. Take a look at the gtc presentation.


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