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Arnold Metal Support - Mac

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Arnold Metal Support - Mac

With the imminent release of Octane X, it was previously said by Steven Blair that they would be looking into ways of supporting GPU rendering on the mac. It is now over a year since that comment and wanted to know if there has been any update on this matter. Arnold is a very versatile renderer and I would love to be able to use it on my Mac pro in conjunction with my Radeon Pro Vega II Duo.

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in reply to: rico

fair enough, personally, I am waiting for 64Gb desktop for apple then I can go full apple. i dopn't care about GPU rendering yet. GPU rendering itself is still infant years.

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in reply to: markfogarty

I'd just like to add my voice to the list requesting metal support for Arnold on Macs. With the new M1 Max/Ultra chips Macs are definitely a viable option for 3D again, and future chips are only going to get stronger and stronger so it's in the developers' best interests to get ahead of that!

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in reply to: markfogarty

I hate grumbling about being a Mac loyalist and getting the .ass end of the deal. Since Big Sur I have dumped my Nvidia GPUs to embrace AMD GPUs [Sapphire RX580 and Radeon 5100] sitting in my machine, so far getting absolutely no use when I am working in Maya and Arnold, but are used regularly in Nuke and Resolve.

@Arnold folks, can you please explain why Metal support is not even on the table? I imagine there are thousands of users [universities, studios, and so on] that can benefit greatly by putting their Mac GPUs to work. Yes, the simple solution is go Windows or Linux, but for small shops and independent artists this is often outside our option.

We're begging you, please don't leave us hanging, nor make us go through another $2000+ reinvestment of NVIDIA GPUs when the market is through the roof because of gamers and cryptoBros™.

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in reply to: tsines

I keep waiting for SolidAngle to implement Metal support but I just don't think they're going to.


I hate using PCs I work so much faster on a mac. But then when it comes to rendering I'm having to render on my PC laptop as it renders 4x faster than my Mac desktop when using RTX GPU which is insane. 


I really don't want to go PC but if this continues then I guess I'm going to have to, 

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