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Using a custom USD asset resolver with kick

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Using a custom USD asset resolver with kick


I'm starting to test a custom Usd asset resolver plugin in our pipeline.

I have forked the excellent VFX-UsdAssetResolver from My fork is here :

Unfortunately I have zero knowledge of c++, but thanks to the provided instructions I could compile the resolver for Houdini 20, and also for Maya 2024 (thanks to for the maya port )

I tested it successfully in Houdini and in Maya (on Windows), meaning the plugin resolves custom identifiers to actual file paths, as expected.

Now : I would like to use this custom resolver with kick.exe. IOW, I would like to be able to do "kick.exe -i test.usd" and have the custom resolver do it's work. I tried this using the compiled resolver I have for Houdini and Maya but without success. I can see in the logs of the kick command that the default ArDefaultResolver is used, not the custom one.

To compile the plugin for Maya or Houdini, it needs to be linked against Maya's (or Houdini's) USD. I suspect this would also need to be done to build the plugin for Arnold. I tried to understand the various files/libraries the plugin depends on, and I could find those in Maya (and the maya usd devkit) but I can't find the same kind of files in the Arnold SDK (for example, I can't find any boost related files in the Arnold SDK)

Could you elaborate on how I could compile this plugin to make it work using the kick command ?


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You'll need to rebuild Arnold USD

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support

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