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(URGENT) How to realistically recreate Cameras flash like in image below?

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(URGENT) How to realistically recreate Cameras flash like in image below?

I know it might not be the best place to ask this question but I don't know where else to post. I am in a hurry I need to deliver a Intax Camera Asset (below). I'm having a difficulty to figure out how to make the flash look exactly like the picture. I didn't have the camera so i can't figure out how to recreate something like this.


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I would use a camera flash texture. Just search google. If you want it exact than you can model it and you might be able to get pretty close. It looks like you can divide it into the top and bottom pieces. I would treat the material like glass or transparent plastic ( mess with the roughness of the spec) and increase the ray depth of transparency to like 20. You could make that a texture from your render to save time on your final render but it depends on what you want. Good Luck!!!


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Here is a video of a fast teardown of the instax mini 8. At the 1 min mark he shows a decent closeup of the flash.

If you want to be really accurate I would just purchase a disposable camera and tear it apart yourself.

But it's basically a thin horizontal bulb backed by a reflective film.

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