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Raw Driver with Samples Access and Callback as Display Driver

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Raw Driver with Samples Access and Callback as Display Driver

Probably what the Noice Denoiser imager is doing.. 

collecting samples from buckets, process them, filter and display them back from driver_close at the end. 


This works already flawlessly with a raw driver.

But beside it doesn't look it's able to use a callback from driver_close (so I have to write down an image), it's not called at all from the IPR or it simply crashes if plugged as an imager because it looks anything there is a display driver.


On the other side if from a display driver I try to collect samples.. Arnold crashes.


So let's start easy...

Is it clear what I'm asking ? To collect samples from buckets, process and display them when rendering is finished.

Is it possible at all with what we have from the Arnold SDK ?



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in reply to: maxtarpini

Usual sh*t where nobodies even knows what I'm talking about. So cool guys. Thanks.

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in reply to: maxtarpini

Hi Max,


Noice, and every other imager we ship with, operates on the final filtered pixels, not on individual samples. By the time the imager gets the data, it has already been filtered into a single value.


As you noticed if you have a raw driver, you are currently responsible for processing the samples and writing it out to disk.


If you just need access to an individual pixel at a time, you could do it during the filtering. If you need all samples over all pixels, then yes, a raw driver will be needed. For the image writing step, maybe you can make use of AiWriteImage()?

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in reply to: thiago.ize

Ehy Thiago, forgot you always try to help me.. sry for being harsh.

Problem is that I thought Noice was doing stuff on samples and so I was positive thinking you had a way to process samples from all pixel data, filter them and eventually upload stuff on the display from a raw driver.

Instead I'm just experiencing the way raw drivers work.. ie. no callback to the pixel buffer and mandatory manual data save (for which I have no problem). Just wanted to have a sample-based denoiser working on IPR display.

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