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How to vary toon shader edge scaling without lowering opacity?

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How to vary toon shader edge scaling without lowering opacity?

I was following the Making of Sophie tutorial and things went about as expected until the last step where an aiCellNoise is added to get some varied line thickness like shown here:


However, when I tried to replicate it on the cube and sphere on the left, the black edge and silhouette seem to only have decreased in opacity? I've set the edge/silhouette colors to black, which show up fine on the other objects in scene that don't have the cell noise node connected.


The multicolored objects have the cell noise shader connected to the toon shader's silhouette scaling, the pink objects have it connected to their silhouette tonemap, and the grey objects don't have the node connected at all.

Are there other steps involved maybe? When I try to connect the aiCellNoise node the connection editor shows up but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to connect or how to really use it.

Or, if there is another way to replicate the handdrawn lines effect, that would be hugely appreciated too.

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  1. Why is the aliasing so poor?
  2. How many Camera (AA) samples are you using?
  3. Does it look poorly aliased without the cell_noise?

Open the Sophie scene in the tutorial. There is a cell_noise shader on her legs that you can copy and paste into your scene.

Lee Griggs
Arnold rendering specialist

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