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How to mix aiStandartVolume with aiStandartSurface?

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How to mix aiStandartVolume with aiStandartSurface?

How to mix aiStandartVolume with aiStandartSurface?
The essence if need get for the volume gloss attribute...
like a foam for example.
Sorry for my english.

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in reply to: Slava_91

As soon as there's a volume step size, it stops rendering as a polymesh.. My workaround right now is to just duplicate the geometry and use the same displacement for both objects.

@solidangle, it would be great if we could mix a spec layer onto a volume using the aimixshader.

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in reply to: zenop

@Zeno Pelgrims

Thank you for answer, I use this method with duplicate mesh, but this is not convenient. It would be great if solidangle create method to mix volume and surface.

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in reply to: zenop

There is still one moment, I seems to me, a scatter and the depth in transmissions does the same, and the rendering speed is same + -

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in reply to: Slava_91

Increasing the Depth makes the material appear thicker or thinner.

Transmission Scatter is suitable for any liquid that is fairly thick or where there is enough of it for scattering to be visible, such as a deep body of water or honey.

More examples here.

Lee Griggs
Arnold rendering specialist
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in reply to: lee_griggs

Thanks! I read this in documentation, but this result very interested

However render times with deep value 0.1 or more lower is very high

it would be great, if we can mix volume shader with surface shader, without duplicate mesh. Or add in volume shader specular layer...

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in reply to: zenop

@solidangle Yes please, I would also like to mix the two. I'm found that with a volume I get the faster density falloff that I needed to make my white goopy gum. The scatter just didn't get "transparent" fast enough near the thin bits.

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in reply to: Slava_91

How to simulate volume noise inside a object ?Mix volume shader is good idea !

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