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Arnold shader couldn't render outColor from maya custom software shader.

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Arnold shader couldn't render outColor from maya custom software shader.

Hi everyone, I have a own my Maya dependency node compiled used from maya API. This Node has a parameter of outColor. And this node output parameter can working with connection to any input parameters of Maya shaders then was able to render in software renderer. There's nothing any problems.

But I used the Arnold renderer, then it couldn't render any out color or textures.

Actually made by me the shader that dependency node is one of maya devkit plug-in example. (ex. C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2017\devkit\plug-ins\brickShader\brickShader.cpp)

I just compiled this file and used with arnold renderer.

I think this custom node is same as maya default shader. Why arnold renderer can't render the out color?

What I need to do if I make custom shader working with arnold renderer?

Please tell me any advice. Thank you.

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That won't work. You'd have to write an Arnold shader equivalent for the brickShader.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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@Stephen Blair Thank you. So, do I need to try the OSL or Arnold SDK?

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