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token gets baked into the ass file as a full path to the OCIO config

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token gets baked into the ass file as a full path to the OCIO config


I am running a moderate renderfarm of linux and osx blades that is a two step render tree for arnold jobs -

1. assgen

2. kick

my problem is that since 2022 and we are using OCIO v2 in maya the path to the default OCIO.config file gets baked into the ass file - this makes a nightmare on a farm where a linux machine or an osx machine could be going the ass gen and or rendering. The prefix of /usr/autodesk....... or /Applications/Autodesk..... is baked into the path to the default maya ocio.config in the distro. And the kick render fails.

I guess I will need to centralise the ocio files per os. It would be nice if maya and arnold could fall back to the installed ocio configs on that os rather than failing.


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in reply to: mattgidney

I'll have to test it, but this is the kind of thing that Arnold path mapping should handle

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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in reply to: mattgidney

Ah ha - Ill give that a go too. BTW do the arnold docs index on the autodesk web page get messed up for you?

looks like this in chrome ..... on windows .... all latest...


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