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Specular Transmission TRACE SETS

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Specular Transmission TRACE SETS

Hi I'm new with trace set in MtoA, and I've problem with a shader visibility. I've a glass character and I need to uncheck Specular transmission in Visibility menu to avoid to see the eyeballs through the head. the problem is with cornea shader around the eyeballs that has refraction too hiding the eyeball behind it. How can I exclude Specular Transmission contribute from everithing except the cornea? Any help is welcome

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The trace set shader was previously hidden in MtoA, it has now been exposed in the latest version ( available at

I've attached an example scene showing how to use the trace_set attribute and use the trace_set shader to allow rays for certain tagged objects. There is no MtoA guide on using trace sets yet, but ou can use the HtoA one as a rough guide:

Ashley Handscomb Retallack
Senior Software Engineer (Arnold)
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Great...Thank You

I'm afraid about this message: "Trace sets may be removed in a future version of Arnold."

However I think that if they remove Trace sets, they'll do something better 😉

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