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Problems exporting separate EXRs for AOVs per Light group using aiAOVDriver

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Problems exporting separate EXRs for AOVs per Light group using aiAOVDriver


I'm having a small little problem regarding the final image exported with custom aiAOVDriver. What I'm trying to achieve is the same as what's described in this thread here:

I've got everything to work mostly. The only problem is EXRs exported with custom drivers don't have a main RGBA channel exported, so it contains all the AOVs in it, but in Nuke the RGB and alpha channel is black/empty. Hopefully the attached screenshot help clarify my problems a bit better.
Thanks for the help guys~!



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Hard to tell, I think I'd need to see a scene, or at least an Arnold log.

Do you really need the separate EXRs like that? Because it takes a lot of manual set up.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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Hey Stephen,

Here's the scene that I used. Can't find a way to upload the .ma in here so I have to share through google drive, hopefully that's okay. Just want so more control in comp when it's needed, and I managed to automate the process so it won't be to bad to set up 🙂

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The files like blue.exr do not have RGBA channels, that's why you don't see anything. For the beauty RGBA in blue.exr, it's blue_beauty

Here's the channel list for blue.exr (I got this with oiiotool -v --info)

  • blue_beauty.R, blue_beauty.G, blue_beauty.B, blue_beauty.A,
  • blue_coat.R, blue_coat.G, blue_coat.B, blue_coat.A,
  • blue_coat_indirect.R, blue_coat_indirect.G, blue_coat_indirect.B, blue_coat_indirect.A,
  • blue_diffuse.R, blue_diffuse.G, blue_diffuse.B, blue_diffuse.A,
  • blue_diffuse_indirect.R, blue_diffuse_indirect.G, blue_diffuse_indirect.B, blue_diffuse_indirect.A,
  • blue_specular.R, blue_specular.G, blue_specular.B, blue_specular.A,
  • blue_specular_indirect.R, blue_specular_indirect.G, blue_specular_indirect.B, blue_specular_indirect.A
  • blue_subsurface.R, blue_subsurface.G, blue_subsurface.B, blue_subsurface.A,
  • blue_subsurface_indirect.R, blue_subsurface_indirect.G, blue_subsurface_indirect.B, blue_subsurface_indirect.A

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support

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