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Nested stand-ins with StringReplace operater cannot be found

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Nested stand-ins with StringReplace operater cannot be found

We're heaviliy using the StringReplace operator in order to render stand ins that we created on workstation running Windows on our Linux based render farm. Works like a charm.

I ran into trouble when exporting an ass-file that contains stand-ins itself. Seems when rendering the scene with Maya in batch on the farm the operator does not replace the string in the "lower-level" stand-ins and thus they won't be found.

It works with kick, though.

Help is appreciated.


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What strings are replacing? Something the image.filename?
Just so I know what to test

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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Yes, I'm replacing the string in the .dso attribute of stand-ins.

Here's my code to create the actual operator:

from pymel.core import *

n0 = createNode("aiStringReplace", n="Standin_Path_Switch")
n0.selection.set("*.(@node =='materialx')")
setAttr(str(n0)+".replace", "/")
n0.out >> SCENE.defaultArnoldRenderOptions.operator

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I've tried with standins and alembics, and so far it's worked.

I'm doing a string replace on procedural.filename or alembic.filename.

This is with MtoA on Windows 10.

The nesting is two and three levels deep.

Can you get a debug Arnold log from a farm machine? That way we can at least check that the operators are matching something...


// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support

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