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MTOA isolate UDIMs

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MTOA isolate UDIMs

Hello everyone!

I have a workflow question regarding how to properly use UDIMs with mtoa.

Right now I have a character which has 5 UDIM tiles, like this:


Now I need to to some adjustments in the shader using aiLayer which uses a mask.

But in this case I would only need the mask and adjustments to happen on the 1001 tile, since it is makeup on the head. If I just apply it, the maks obviously repeats over the entire body, so is there a way to specify a specific UDIM tile to be used? Of course I could just create further black smaller textures so the mask uses the UDIM format as well but that seems to produce a lot of useless data and is not really nice to handle. Is there any good way for doing it?

Thought I could do it through the "explicit tile" UV tiling mode, but it is still repeating to the arm and other areas.

8339-1602690572541.pngThanks for the help!

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You can use an aiUvTransform node and put wrap U to clamp or color.


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