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MtoA 4.2.4 - render sequence won't output Optix denoised shadow_matte AOV

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MtoA 4.2.4 - render sequence won't output Optix denoised shadow_matte AOV

I've tried all sorts of things but I can't get Optix to denoise my shadow_matte AOV when rendering a sequence in Maya 2022.

I've added the Optix imager, told it to denoise my shadow_matte AOV. I've given it an output suffix and I can see it in the Arnold render view. But when I render the sequence it only outputs the non-denoised shadow_matte.


And here's the noisy output:


There were no problems rendering a sequence of an Optix-denoised AOV in Maya 2019 but in 2022 it seems completely impossible.

I refuse to use Arnold Noice because in order to get decent results it takes even longer to calculate than to render at higher settings without denoising.

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Works for me with Maya 2022.2 and the latest MtoA

But I'm rendering EXRs

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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I started out with 8-bit TIFs. But now as I try EXR I still get a noisy result. And no files with my output suffix.
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I made a test scene if somebody would be interested in trying. I must have missed some setting, because I still don't get a denoised render.

I should mention that I render via Render > Render sequence

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Did you try Merged EXRs?

I'm logging a bug right now, because for non-merged output, the imagers are not linked to the Arnold drivers that write out the rendered AOV.

Besides using Merged EXR, I think another workaround would be to use an operator to set the input on the AOV drivers. I still have to test that...

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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Aaah, it seems to work with the merge AOVs option enabled! Thank you so much for the help, and with logging the bug.

I didn't know about operators, will have to educate myself 🙂

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