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Maya 2022 Render sequence keep crashing using cpu

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Maya 2022 Render sequence keep crashing using cpu

I have some issue with the render sequence in maya 2022 with arnold, the render keep crashing without even rendering the first frame (sometimes after the second).

I tried to limit the number of threads Arnold use when rendering but it keeps crashing, i tried without the skydome (i read that somewhere...) but keep crashing, I played a lot with several ai shaders so i tried without all my shaders, keep crashing... it only don't crash with a aistandardSurface without anything else but my textures are only 2k, so i though it wasn't that heavy...

Btw my config is ryzen 9 5900x, 16Go ram, GTX 1070 (but im using cpu)
And my processor doesn't go over 90% when rendering as i'm limiting the use of threads...

I don't know what to check now, if someone has any idea ..

thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

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in reply to: t.pulon

Hi, can you please include a verbose log file ( It will contain important information for us, such as the arnold version you are using. If you got a prompt to report your crash to Autodesk, please do so and then post the CER report number here as that will let us better investigate the problem.

Otherwise, are you running the latest version of Arnold? At the moment that's mtoa (Arnold core Maybe it's already fixed your crash?

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in reply to: t.pulon

16gb of ram isnt that much. Like Thiago mentioned take a close look at the Arnold log.

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in reply to: t.pulon

thanks for your answer,

@Thiago Ize sorry i forgot to mention that, i am using maya 2022 with arnold ans MtoA, and when it crashes it just closes maya and nothing, Can I generate a log file if the scene crashes without any warning ?

@Christoph Schaedl yeah i thought about that too but my ram never goes over 85% when i'm rendering, so i thought it was ok ?
I can upload my scene if necessary but i will try to upload a log file if i can too i will also try to update arnold

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in reply to: t.pulon

I strongly recommend you update the latest MtoA, which you can get at

You can enable file logging (in the Arnold Renderer settings, Diagnostics tab).

If the render starts at all, something will be written to that log file.

If you are on Windows, you can start Maya from the command line with the -log flag, and that will write all the Maya log output to a different log file.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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in reply to: t.pulon

okay i have a arnold log file after a crash here it is !
edit: couldn't update it on the forum for some reason I hope that's ok

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in reply to: t.pulon

This is for a render done with Render > Render Sequence?

It looks like an IPR render (because I see the AA -3, AA -2, AA -1, AA 1 renders too). Whenever I do Render > Render Sequence, that never happens. It renders just one pass with the final AA setting.

Can you try with the latest MtoA?

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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in reply to: t.pulon

Yes it is with render>render sequence

it looks like updating arnold fixed the thing... i'm trying to render more frame to see if it crash again but really sorry if it was this simple, actually i thought i download the last version of arnold last week but it appears that i was wrong !

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Actually I have the same problem or a very similar.. With every frame render with rendering>render sequence the ram is getting filled up. Until the point when its full and crashes. 

Im using Maya 2023 with latest Arnold mtoa from 05.10.22 (Arnold Core

Even in a very simple Scene: just a Cube and a Skydome i can replicate this memory leak. 

Tested it in Maya 2022 too... same result. With bigger scenes its crashes just faster. 

Hope someone can help maybe. Thanks in advance (: 

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Maya 2023.2 crashes also in Render Sequence. With each rendered frame Maya occupies more and more RAM until it's a crash
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in reply to: t.pulon

The just released Arnold core fixes a memory leak on the CPU while GPU rendering. Maybe that is the memory leak some of you are seeing? Do try downloading the latest Arnold plugin and see if it solves your issue?

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