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Maximum render size with Arnold renderer in Maya

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Maximum render size with Arnold renderer in Maya


I'm trying to render a large image size with Arnold in Maya.

The max render size I can get is 4096px. If I go any higher, even one more pixel, it'll just say "rendering" for a long, long time. I haven't let it run to see if it actually works, as after about a half hour I just force quit the program. When I use the 4096px, it starts rendering in about 5 seconds, and takes about 14 minutes total to render.

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Try enabling the feature overrides one by one to see if you can identify what is causing it to do this.

Could you also provide a Log file and and any details about your scene.

Lee Griggs
Arnold rendering specialist
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HI, inside maya itself, U cant render more than 8K is so, it will crash depending on ur system resources.

I've rendered 96Kx96K resolution via Arnold itself using .ass file and Kickass , but not within maya, and it tooks like 8 days to rendered and I surprised with the memoery managemed through the render

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I just rendered 8192x8192 as a test, at AA=8

But not a complex scene.

Are you rendering scanline EXRs? That could require a lot of memory, because everything has to be kept in memory until the final image is written to disk. In that case, try with tiled EXRs.

Try keeping a thread or two free, so you can check the Arnold log and the cpu/memory usage...

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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That worked.

For future reference for others:
Render Settings > Common Tab:
Image Format: exr
Compression: zip
[x] Tiled

Was able to render out 8196 x 8196px.

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