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Kick renders wrong camera from Maya

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Kick renders wrong camera from Maya

Struggling with this one, i'm exporting ASS files from Maya and rendering in Kick, and despite the camera being set in Maya, Kick seems to render something different.

During a frustrated troubleshooting hour (or 2) I deleted all the renderlayers, and that seemed to do it, then later it didn't. I tried to force the camera on the command (the camera is visible in the ASS file) and that didn't work.

Sometimes I feel like I nail it, then suddenly it renders "persp" again.. I really have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Any ideas?

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in reply to: davidAZX57

Did you check in the ass file? That's the camera used for the render.
If it's not the camera you expect, then what are the render settings that give the wrong camera?

 camera "/persp/perspShape"

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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in reply to: davidAZX57

I just tried with the latest MtoA 4.2.3, and I kept getting perspShape no matter what the Renderable Camera was in the Render Settings.

I had to run a mel command to get the right camera exported:

arnoldExportAss -f "C:/Users/blairs/Documents/maya/projects/default/scenes/camera_test.ass" -boundingBox -asciiAss -mask 255 -lightLinks 0 -shadowLinks 0 -fullPath -cam camera

When you used kick -c, did you specify the full path for the camera name?

For example

 kick -c "/camera1/cameraShape1"

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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in reply to: davidAZX57

Thank you Stephen for responding so quickly, I kept seeing the "camera does not exist" message, and it seems that using "/camera1/cameraShape1" may have fixed it, rather than just the camera name as I was doing before. A bit frustrating for such a basic thing, but fingers crossed that this is a solution

Thanks again...


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