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Importing USD geo with Arnold shaders attached

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Importing USD geo with Arnold shaders attached

Maya's USD importer is capable of bringing in geometry as well as the shading network bound to it. This is currently supported for maya shaders (standard surface, lambert) and renderman. Does anyone know if there's a way to do this for arnold shaders? I realise I can use Import Materials and point it at a USD but I'd still have some extra steps to reassign the shaders to the geometry. I'd love for it all to come in together.



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Hi David, if you have versions of MtoA and mayaUSD that work together (you can check the MtoA release notes for that), then it should work in most cases.

When you export to USD you should see an option "Materials" that can be set to "Arnold Shaders" . This is for export of course, but if you see this option, then in theory as you import a usd scene with arnold shaders, they should automatically be imported in the maya scene as well, and assigned to geometries.

Note that these options for arnold data in mayaUSD exports/imports is currently being reworked, and we're planning to have soon something that is more robust

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Hi Sebastien

That's really good news! I can't see any reference to mayaUSD in the MtoA release notes though... Could you link me to that information? I'm currently running MtoA 5.0.0, Maya 2022.2 and mayaUSD 0.14.0.



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Hi again

I found the info you referred to. I'm now trying mayaUSD 0.13.0 in combination with mtoa I see the option for exporting arnold shaders but no option for importing arnold shaders. Importing with materials set to "no conversion" doesn't give me any materials. Any thoughts?


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Okay, it works! There's no specific arnold option at import, but the shaders are imported regardless if I select "no conversion". This is great, thanks so much!

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Hi again, I've just noticed that I only seem to get the base color input graph for my materials. All other inputs e.g. metalness, specular roughness that are defined in the USD are missing. Any idea why this happens?

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