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Does autosave trigger the IPR

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Does autosave trigger the IPR

Im not sure but i fear that the Maya autosave does trigger the IPR in the Arnold rendview if im rendering with GPU.

I had a render running on IPR that does take longer than 10min and it never finished it restarts magically all the time.

Maya 2019.2

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Oh man lost work again cause of this stupid behavior.

Is there really no way to turn that off beside disabling the autosave?

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I can't replicate this. Does it happen with all scenes? Does it update with File>Save too? Are you using the latest release?

Can you live without it? (it personally irritates me having my work stopped when I am in the middle of something).

Lee Griggs
Arnold rendering specialist
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Auto save is #1 reason to go insane. It is the essence of time waste 🙂

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Yes ctrl+s does also restart the GPU render in ArnoldFramebuffer.

Yes im on the latest Maya and Arnold release on win10.

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Ok i tried now with several files, and i have this issue not in all files.
I will try to find the source.


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