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Deadline Custom AMI : unable to load dynamic library

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Deadline Custom AMI : unable to load dynamic library

Hi everyone,

I'm having an issue using a custom image I created for Deadline instances (created following this link).

I wanted to install Arnold and Alshaders plugin, both the installations went well using WinSCP but when I tried rendering with this custom image applied on instances, during nodes initialization, Arnold was not able to dynamically load Alshaders nodes.

I had warning for each .so :


The installations are the same as on my workstation but when I try via command line to kick -nodes, the results are not the same, see custom-image.txt vs my-station.txt.

I know most of Alshaders nodes are obsolete since Arnold 5 but some of them are still useful to me (e.g. AlFractal, AlCellNoise).

On my station when rendering, nodes initialization shows that whereas every other .dll uses Arnold, Alshaders's .dll uses Arnold

Is there a way to "force-loading" those nodes during initializaton or do I need to first install Arnold then ?

What can I do to correctly make use of Alshaders nodes on Deadline instances ?


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I would run ldd on those alshader so files

and then maybe strace the loading sequence

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support

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