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Create AOVS for tonemap aitoon shader

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Create AOVS for tonemap aitoon shader

Hello, I have a scene with several AItoon shaders, each with their own Tonemap. I would like to retrieve an AOVS from these TONEMAP in my beauty render.

Do you have a solution for this? I've tried creating custom AOVS in the shading group, and I discovered AIwritecolor, but I haven't yet understood how it works.

If you have any ideas or a solution to propose, I'm all ears!

(I could do it with render layers, but I'm looking for a more optimized method for cases where I have a large number of shaders)

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I finally found a solution thanks to CHAGTP. I ended up using AiwriteColor. I created multiple instances of it, chaining them together with the information I wanted to retrieve each time. This does make the shading process a bit more complex and requires doing it for each shading group in the scene, meaning for each different shader. I suppose there's room for optimization, but at least it works! I'm thinking of scripting it now! Hopefully, this can help others too!

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