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Can you control the light intensity that is in a stand-in?

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Can you control the light intensity that is in a stand-in?

I have a light bulb with a coil light "so it is a mesh light" saved as ass and then inputed in a mash network. It renders fine but I need more control over the light intensity. If I create an attribute I don't know how I can apply to the light in my main file.

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in reply to: brian_Foley

Hi, @Brian Foley

You can use the aiUserdataFloat node.

Plug into aiUserdataFloat defaultValue to your light intensity.

And type any string in 'attrib name' you want.

Set the default value what you want.(drive light intensity value)

Export ass your mesh light.

Import ass to your main file.

Creat extra attrib on your imported ass shape node.

And control your intensity.



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in reply to: tearcandy

Hi, @Sum-Hui Lee

I tried your method and i can't get it to work, maya 2018.1 and 2017.4

Example :

- aiUserdataFloat plugged in intensity named intensity value 1 (by the way it's putting the intensity of the light to 0 in the scene, not sure if it's normal, even if value is 1)

- export ass

- import ass

- create extra attrib mtoa_constant_intensity on ass shape node

- always black when i play with the attrib

Am i missing something here ?

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