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Can we changes init parameters for Arnold nodes?

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Can we changes init parameters for Arnold nodes?


we would like to be able to 'spread' Arnold nodes custom init preference across the studio.

Is it something possible? How would you suggest doing it?

For example, initial parameter, on 'aiImage' node has:
ignoreMissingTiles set to False

We would like all workstations across the studio to init that parameter to 'True', when creating this node...

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Hi, you can change this by tweaking the file mtoa.mtd, that you can find in MtoA installation, folder "plug-ins". Each of the arnold nodes is in there.

In your example, if you go to around line 1537 until you see [node image]

and add

[attr ignore_missing_textures] default BOOL true

it should do what you expect.

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Thanks for the answer Sebastien,

Since we manage a lot of arnold versions, for different shows...

Would it be possible to apply that kind of changes only once, and be consider in all our current supported arnold version and upcoming ones as well? Like a callback on node creation or something like that...

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