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Beauty and deep don't follow AOV prefix override path structure

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Beauty and deep don't follow AOV prefix override path structure


I tried to merge different AOVs in different EXRs. It's all good, but when I render it, the folder structure breaks in case of deep and beauty. I can't override the default folder structure on these two.

I set the required AOV drivers, and modified the AOV override prefix attribute. All of them should go by


which is working in case of everything else but beauty and deep. When I leave the AOV override prefix attribute blank, beauty and deep will go in the default /<RenderLayer>/<RenderPass>/filename.exr path. When I fill the override prefix with the naming mentioned above, it will do it, but the first folder still will be beauty or deep, and all the others ( deep or beauty/<Scene>/<RenderLayer>/<RenderPass>/<Scene>_<Renderlayer>_<RenderPass>.####.exr )

If I fill the default File Name Prefix setting from render settings, nothing happens.


On the attached image the 1. and the 3. case is the same, with same AOV prefix override, on the 2. case I left it blank and it uses the default.


I'm using Maya 2023.3 with Arnold 


What am I missing?



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