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Arnold Crash with GPU & Transmission

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Arnold Crash with GPU & Transmission

I'm getting a red "misaligned address" error that prevents GPU rendering until Maya is restarted. It happens reliably when attempting a GPU render with an Arnold light in the scene and transmission on any visible material, but the steps seem to have to be performed in a certain order to reproduce it. This didn't happen in or earlier.


Reproduce in this order:

1. Make a new scene (renderer should default to CPU)

2. Create a polygon sphere

3. Go to its material attributes and set transmission weight to something other than 0

4. Create an Arnold skydome light

5. Open render settings and change renderer to GPU

6. Render scene with Arnold


MtoA version:

Maya version: 2024.2

GPU: 2x GTX 1080 Ti (also tried disabling one GPU and repeating on other PC with 2x GTX 1080, same result)


Once the "misaligned address" message appears, Maya continues to function but GPU renders won't work until Maya is restarted.

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Works of for me in 2024.2 and 2025 with the latest MtoA
With either of these cards:

GPU 0: Quadro RTX 6000 @ 1770MHz (compute 7.5) with 24575MB (11429MB available) (NVLink:0)


GPU 1: NVIDIA T1000 @ 1395MHz (compute 7.5) with 4095MB (469MB available) (NVLink:0)


Can you post an Info-level Arnold log, in case there's something in there?

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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Thanks for the help - it's pretty generic though, I'm afraid...

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