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AOV layer Override Issue

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AOV layer Override Issue


I'm trying to render Motion vector image only. For compositing. But I keep getting a beauty result.

Is there anything I missing here ?

- Don't tell me to multi render AOV with motion vector because arnold not support motion vector for GPU yet (I am using GPU for my main render).

- So I try CPU render motion vector only for it to render faster, rather than CPU render beauty channel which took more time than GPU!


Thank you !


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Correct, motion vectors are not yet supported on GPU. So rendering on CPU would be the only option for motion vectors. There is no way to not "render" the beauty, even if you don't write the image out, as its needed to simulate the light transport. If its only the motion vectors that you want though, you could gain performance by just limiting the render to a single bounce via the "Ray Depth" field in arnold render options. Thats probably all you need. Also you will need to render both your images with something like a box filter to get the results to match properly between the CPU and GPU result. This is because if you use something like the Gaussian filter, the CPU will filter across pixels, while the GPU will use FIS, which will give different results.


Just a side note, you may have a better "Arnold" experience using Arnold's Render View rather than Maya's Render View (


Hope this helps!

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Thank very much !

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