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AMD 3990 - Arnold IPR laggy?

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AMD 3990 - Arnold IPR laggy?

I recently bought a new workstation with an AMD 3990x.My previous workstation (it now become full rendering machine) has an AMD 2990WX.

I work with Maya-Arnold mainly on CPU.When doing sequence renderings the new processor is a beast.

I'm experimenting annoying lags when working with Arnold IPR.

The video shows a comparison between the two CPU's, both with Maya 2020 and Arnold6 latest version, 3 UI saved threads (i also tried on the 3990x saving more than 3 threads in the Arnold SystemTab).

As you can see with the 2990 IPR is extremely less laggy while trasforming objects, changing parameters.

Anyone could suggest a way to fix this orrendous lag? I use IPR a lot.

Thanks in advance


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Same situation here (3990X, 128GB RAM@3200MHz) IPR lags so much that I have to pause it when I need to transform objects or changing parameters.

Better optimization would be much appreciated.

( I also tried saving threads like David did, but it doesn't help )

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in reply to: infoE8XRK

Hi @

After some more tests it seems like Arnold6 IPR can not handle more than 64 threads.
If you put -64 under "threads" in the Arnold System tab, IPR lag is over.
Using 65+ threads lag comes out again.

I think we should wait for an improvement...AMD is projected too far in the future ;))


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in reply to: infoE8XRK

Thanks for reporting it can't scale past 64 threads. I think I know what the issue might be and that this is a Windows only issue. I have made an internal arnold core ticket for fixing it.

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in reply to: infoE8XRK

We've just released Arnold 6.0.4 which contains some TR3 improvements, including an improvement for the laggy IPR on Windows. Give it a try and let us know if it still is causing you problems.

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in reply to: thiago.ize

Hi Thiago, thanks for following this case!
I tested out the new version of Arnold 6.0.4 in two different scenes: basic one and almost heavy one.
Basic: Now it is absolutely less laggy than before. There is still a slight different in reactivity (with 64threads killed there is almost real time reaction in viewport - IPR) but now it is possible to work with IPR using all the power of the 3990.

Heavy: there is still some lag (always in comparison with IPR reactivity while using 64threads only) but pause times between every operation are diminished, making it bearable to work with.

Many Thanks!!

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in reply to: infoE8XRK

Glad to hear it's better. How many threads did you reserve for the GUI? Does increasing that help (or put another, reduce number of render threads from 128 to say 120)?

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in reply to: thiago.ize

I always keep 3 threads reserved for the GUI. Following your advice, killing at least 1 thread (In thread field under system tab -1) increases A LOT the reactivity.
Now it is almost comparable using 64 threads or 127.

Huge thanks! And also many thanks for fixing the Unfold3D issue in the previous version of Arnold. That was a big problem solved!!

Keep up the good work!!

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in reply to: infoE8XRK

Hi Davide and Tomas!

Can you have a chance and time testing this on linux?

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