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AI Matte only on included object

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AI Matte only on included object

Hey Everybody,


Im trying to matte out one specific object. But the AI matte seems to work on all the objects in the scene. 


Is there a way to matte out 1 object only? 


Im working on a character with hair but its also wearing a hat. I was thinking about either clipping or matting out the hair that pokes out of the hat on render time. Would that be possible? I tried AI Clipgeo but that obviously doesnt work. Or atleast i couldnt get it to work with xgen.


Anyone maybe got some suggestions or tips? 


Thanks in advance.

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Do you mean the matte shader? It works on the shapes that you apply the shader to.

How are you applying the shader? As an AOV shader?


Objects also have a Matte parameter, and that is per-object.

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