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A pencil shader that outlines my 3D objects to look like sketches

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A pencil shader that outlines my 3D objects to look like sketches

I'm currently working on a personal project trying to integrate my 3D animation with my 2D sketching style using the Arnold Toon shader and I would really love to know how to get more of a pencil drawing, sketchy kind of look to my renders. I've seen @Lee Griggs Images of his examples on his website (shown below), but when I ask friends, colleagues and even TD's no one really has a direct answer for me. If anyone could let me know the steps, help me out, or put me in the right direction, it'd be much appreciated! Thanks!

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Hi Dan, what is it about the Toon shader that you don't understand? Have you also been through the Toon tutorials? There is a Toon shader example scene available to download here.

Is there a particular style that you are trying to achieve (images help).

Lee Griggs
Arnold rendering specialist
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Didn't see these before, I'll try them out and let ya know my results. Thanks Lee.

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