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4.0.4 renderview issue MtoA

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4.0.4 renderview issue MtoA

I upgraded to MtoA 4.0.4 but Arnold Renderview play button is grayed out. I deleted my Maya preferences and it went away but the issues resurfaces the next time I open a new project.

Went back to and everything works fine.

Mac/OS 10.15.6 /MacPro 2019/Maya 2020.2

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Hi Derryl, I can't reproduce this issue on my side.

By checking the code the only situation where the play button is greyed out should be if you're currently displaying a snapshot. Does it give you a hint on what could be going wrong in your setup so that I try to reproduce it here ?

Are you using a snapshots folder ?

Otherwise, whenever you have the issue, before you delete your preferences, you can open them in a text editor, look for the section about the arnold renderview and copy it here.

You can also write us at if you need to share other data.

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Hello Sebastien, I am not using a snapshots folder. I have already downgraded my Arnold install so I can't tell you much more but if I upgrade again I will update you. Thanks.

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