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Using OCIO for HtoA image colorspace

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Using OCIO for HtoA image colorspace

Hi all,

I'm looking into an aces color workflow for rendering. When using the standard colorspace the two options are straight forward, linear and sRGB for the appropriate texture maps. When using OCIO suddenly there is a very large variety of options and I'm not quite sure what to use. What are the equivalent ACES color spaces for those two standard settings?

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You need to render in acescg and the equivalent to sRGB for textures is srgb_texture in the OCIO aces 1.0.3 config. What version of ACES config are you using?

Ashley Handscomb Retallack
Arnold Support Specialist
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In the latest HtoA versions, the Rendering and LDR color spaces on the ROP will be set up with default rendering and sRGB color spaces.

There is also a new drop down to filter these color spaces based on the color space families in the OCIO profile, which makes things more manageable:


So for Aces 1.0.3, the default linear rendering color space is set to ACES | ACES - ACEScg (where ACES is the family) and the LDR color space (defining the meaning of "Auto" in the Image node and output drivers) is set to Utility/Aliases | srgb_texture.

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