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Unable to load OSL shader in Houdini

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Unable to load OSL shader in Houdini

Hi, I'm trying to load an OSL shader in Houdini and it's not working at all. The shader (Julius Ihles windowbox) works perfectly well in Maya and I was expecting it to do the same in Houdini. I've tried loading directly into the OSL node but I get no usable parameters. I've also tried exporting from Maya and importing as a .mtlx osl .ass. Same result every time. Undefined output and no parameters. Hoping it's just human error. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks

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Does this compile and return a somewhat light grey color?

shader i
float a = 0.3,
output float b = 0,
b = a+a;
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I don't even get that far with my above method. What is now working is the shader is loading because i placed a compiled version in the shader folder. Arnold now picks it up. However, it's not rendering as a box as it does in maya. Just as a plane. The images are the correct colour so far.

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After exporting the basic plane from Maya - it now works as expected. I will investigate what the difference between my Houdini and Maya planes are tomorrow. wb1.JPGwb2.JPG

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HtoA is missing the osl/include folder


// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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Thanks Stephen. So, I need to get the stdosl.h file and add it to my HtoA folder, is that correct? Where would I find that file?

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in reply to: jstewartJ2BWZ

The stdosl.h file is located here:

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in reply to: Anonymous

Arnold needs ../osl/includes (relative to the location of Arnold itself eg ai.dll or

HtoA is missing that in the install (Arnold and the other plugins have it)

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support

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